Isolation packages in Cuba: options for September

The Havanatur agency has released the isolation packages in Cuba available for the month of September.

Directorio Cubano offers a summary of the hotels and their prices in U.S. dollars for Havana, Villa Clara, Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba, always arriving through José Martí International Airport.

To date, the Cuban government has not modified the current sanitary protocols. Therefore, those arriving through Havana to these provinces of the country must purchase an isolation package if they are Cubans who have already lost their residency or foreigners who are not part of a tourist group.

The isolation in these cases will be for 5 nights. In addition, the agency clarifies that “transportation is included to your hotel of reference, with luggage allowance and that any increase in luggage is at your expense”.

In all cases it is specified that the hotel accommodation is for 5 nights with breakfast, lunch and dinner service. Some travelers have commented on social networks that water is not included in the package.


(Havanatur website)


Hotel Presidente

Price per couple, AP plan: 746,00 US $.

Price per single room, AP plan: 436,00 US $.

Hotel Copacabana

Rate per couple, AP plan: 694.00 US $ 694.00

Rate per single room, AP plan: 411 US $ 411.00 US

Rate per single room with child (AP plan): 572,00 US $.

Habana Libre Hotel

Price per single room. (AP): 436,00 US $

Rate per double room (AP): 746,00 US $

Hotel Capri

Rate per couple (AP): 800,00 US $

Rate for single room (AP): 507,00 US $

Rate for a single room with 1 child (AP): 694,00 US $

Price for a couple with 1 Child (AP): 987,00 US $

Hotel Parque Central

Rate per couple (AP): 1079,00 US $

Rate per single room (AP): 540,00 US $

Price per couple with 1 Child (AP): 1.493,00 US $

Hotel Meliá Habana

Rate per couple: 1.333,00 US $ 1.333,00 US $ 1.333,00 US

Rate per single room 859,00 US $ 859,00 US $

Quinta Avenida Hotel

Rate per couple (AP): 694,00 US $ 694,00 US

Rate per single room (AP): 507.00 US $ 507.00

Manzana Kempinski Hotel

Rate per single room (AP): 1.907,00 US $ 1.907,00 US $ 1.907,00

Rate per couple: 2.344,00 US $



Hotel Granjita/Caneyes

Rate per single room: 471,00 US $ 471,00

Rate per couple: 892,00 US $

Departure from: Havana



Plaza Hotel.

Price per single room: 632,00 US $.

Price per couple: 1.211,00 US $.

Departure from: Havana



Hotel Versalles

Price per single room: 916.00 US $ 916.00 US

Rate per couple: 1718,00 US $

Arrival: Havana

Destination: Santiago de Cuba

It is possible to book on Havanatur’s website at You will have to enter the date you need, the province you are arriving from and the number of people to check the available options.

You also have the option to check the facilities in this other site to compare the price difference:

Some users have commented on Havanatur’s social media profiles that the Cubatur options published on the Cuba.Travel website are cheaper.

Cuba’s travel agencies suggest making reservations for isolation packages in advance, as availability is constantly changing and travelers arriving on the island may find that there are no hotels in their province.

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